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Our affiliation program is under renovations. We plan to bring yet more exciting benifits to you for your cooperation with CQ-Hosting.

You can contact us directly if you would like to sign up.

cq-Afilliate program


Zero cost - what does it mean?. When you sign up for our affiliation program, your hosting experience is free of charge. In exchange for placement of our banners on your websites, you will receive your hosting package free of charge. For a unlimited amount of time, or as long as you are advertising our banner on your website. ! You will also receive free SEO services for optimizing your website for search engines. A $500+ savings.

The money you save in the long run will be substantial. That's extra money to invest in other business needs. No worries about webspace, and search engine placement. So your making money instead of spending it on webhosting!.

Its a easy 1...2....3 signup process.