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dedicated server Plans

Dedicated servers include more features/value than the competition. With an industry leading SLA, premium Dell hardware, and all sorts of free goodies, your server will not just have everything it needs when it is delivered, it will be blazing fast on our top tier network. 99.9995% Uptime Guarantee! Many hosts have uptime guarantees. We have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) as well as a proven 99.9+% uptime record for over 3 years.

Free Remote Reboots
If your server locks up, or you need to reboot urgently, waiting for someone to reboot it can cost you money. Our Dedicated Servers come with FREE remote reboot ports so you control the power. You can turn off, start, and reboot your server instantaneously.

100% Dell Hardware
We are proud of the fact that we use all Dell Hardware. It is more efficient, more reliable, and has proven itself year after year to be the vendor of choice for serious enterprise server hardware.


Our servers come with either Windows/Plesk 8 or CentOS/cPanel at absolutely no charge to you.

Please allow 24 hours for setup.


Please use the order links to contact us directly to order your server. We will process it ASAP.


Our Value servers provide incredible performance.
Features Value Server
Disk Space 30 GB ICSCI
Bandwidth 1000 GB
Operating System CentOS x64
Processor Dual Core
cPanel - Licensed

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Our Power servers deliver the ultimate in power.
Features Power Server
Disk Space 80 GB ICSCI
Bandwidth 2000 GB
Operating System CentOS x64
Processor Dual Core
cPanel - Licensed

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